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The number one topic that employers have trouble with, according to Employsure Australia, is their obligations relating to wages. Modelling released in 2019 by consulting firm PwC

Are you the trustee or one of a number of trustees of a trust? A director of a corporate trustee? If so, you have some very serious obligations prescribed by legislation to ensure

Someone once said you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Although they probably weren’t talking about taxation, the adage holds true for activities which have the potential to bring in

Quite often, we have clients chasing directors for the debts of the director’s company where a personal guarantee has been provided. Some directors fail to recognise that they have

State and Federal governments are rolling out many measures intended to offer some relief for businesses facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. These include a six month 

Once upon a time there was a family – mum, stepdad and little Johnny (not his real name). Mum wanted to make sure that Johnny got the best education she could afford so she enrolled

In 2018, the new ipso facto regime was introduced in Australia and now applies to any contracts entered into since its introduction. Many people are unaware that ipso facto

Have you loaned money or do you provide a service or goods to someone? Have you tried to provide friendly reminders and negotiations and the debt is still not paid? You are not alone, 

In March 2020, the High Court of Australia made a decision in the matter of Australian Securities & Investments Commission v King and Anor which may have a wide reaching impact on

Tax laws are constantly evolving, and a recent change to the rules regarding Director’s Penalty Notices (‘DPNs’) has the potential to trip up company directors who have outstanding

In a recent decision in the Federal Court, two directors who were ‘wilfully blind’ to the fact that employees were not being paid their entitlements were found personally liable for

Have you ever signed a standard form contract? Well, the terms of your standard form contract may be unfair. If it is unfair the contract will be void. This means the contract is not binding and