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Tips to Minimise Your Legal Fees

Prior to your meeting with your solicitor take some time to print and organise all relevant paperwork and to canvass the facts relevant to your legal issue(s). You may find it useful to

Have You Thought About the Consequences of Your Criminal Conviction?

Some people do not realise the effect that their criminal conviction can have on a number of aspects of their life. To them, they only focus on the criminal sanctions that arise from their

Mediation in the Magistrates’ Court

The South Australian Magistrates’ Court has operated a mediation service that has been available to parties in civil matters for a number of years. Since July 2013, free mediation has

Identification Services for Reclaiming Lost Social Media Accounts

Regaining access to social media accounts that have fallen victim to hackers can be extremely difficult. Negotiating through automated help centres and bot responses can

Bail Laws in South Australia

We all know that the presumption of innocence is a fundamental principle of our legal system. So of course, South Australian bail laws in most circumstances, provide a presumption in favour

What Are Your Rights After Arrest? What Can the Police Lawfully Require From You?

Many people are not aware of their rights when arrested or questioned by the police; this often results in people unknowingly incriminating themselves. Below, we list your rights and