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Many people are not aware of their rights when arrested or questioned by the police; this often results in people unknowingly incriminating themselves. Below, we list your rights and

Who Can Certify Documents in South Australia

In South Australia, a copy of a document can be certified as being a true copy of an original document by a Notary Public or a Justice of the Peace (JP). The need for a Notary Public or

What to Do About Your Tech & Digital Assets Before You Pass Away Bambrick Legal Estate Planning Lawyers

Have you considered what may happen to your digital assets and online accounts when you pass away? Specifically, the photos and files on your mobile and laptop, or your social media

The South Australian Magistrates’ Court has operated a mediation service that has been available to parties in civil matters for a number of years. Since July 2013, free mediation has

Consequences of Having a Criminal Record in Australia

Some people don’t fully understand the serious consequences of having a criminal record in Australia and how it can affect many aspects of their life. A criminal record can affect