Get Started Online

Get Started Online

Why use our online client portal?

Everyone benefits from our online intake process. In our client portal, the same questions are asked as in a traditional first meeting. By answering online, you can do so in your own time anytime, anywhere. You can also come back to it later if you need to.

For your estate planning, it may save you the trouble of making several trips to the office to sign off on your will. For family law or estate dispute matters, a multi-hour consult might be condensed into an hour of focusing on the solutions rather than obtaining the facts. For estate administration matters, the process of applying for probate or letters of administration will take significantly less time.

By completing the portal before your appointment, we will spend less time reviewing background information and more time discussing the legal aspects of their matter. This allows us to get the right kind of information ahead of time, maximising your face-to-face consultation period.

Last but not least, your information is handled securely, and we can only access and view it with your permission. Your data will remain entirely private and confidential throughout the whole process.

“I found Bambrick Legal’s online family service to be very user-friendly and easy to use. The program helped me prepare for our meeting from the comfort of my home. My documents had already been reviewed by the Bambrick Legal team before our meeting, which undoubtedly saved us time and money. I have since created my Will as well using the same online tool. This is a fantastic online service that I strongly recommend. “ – Gary, 07-09-2022

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