Grey Divorce in Australia: Addressing Challenges & Opportunities


The landscape of family dynamics in Australia is evolving, shedding light on the increasing prevalence of “Grey Divorce.”

This term refers to the separation of couples in the later stages of life, typically occurring after the age of 50.

This demographic faces distinctive challenges that require a careful approach to family law.


The Trend of Grey Divorces in Australia


Various factors contribute to the surge in grey divorces, including changing societal attitudes towards separation.

Unlike previous generations, individuals over 50 today may view divorce as a viable option to pursue personal happiness and fulfilment in their ‘golden’ years.

Economic independence, longer life expectancies, and evolving social norms contribute to the rise in grey divorces.


Financial Implications


One of the primary concerns in grey divorces revolves around financial matters.

Couples who have spent decades accumulating assets and building a life together now face the complex task of dividing their property.

Australia’s family law system considers a fair and equitable distribution of assets, taking into account factors such as the financial contributions of each party, future needs, and the overall circumstances of the case.

Determining how to fairly divide the family home, property, superannuation, and other financial resources can be challenging.

Seeking the guidance of an experienced family lawyer is crucial to ensuring that the financial settlement aligns with the unique circumstances of the grey divorce.


Spousal Maintenance & Support


In grey divorces, issues related to spousal maintenance and support become more pronounced.

The court may very likely consider factors such as the age and health of each party, their respective financial needs, and the duration of the marriage when determining spousal support.

Understanding the intricacies of these considerations is vital to achieving a fair and reasonable outcome.


Impact on Adult Children


Unlike divorces involving younger couples, grey divorces often involve adult children.

While adult children may be more independent, the emotional impact of their parents’ separation can still be profound.

Sensitivity and open communication are essential during this time, and legal professionals can offer guidance on managing these family dynamics.


Eligibility for Grey Divorce in Australia


Before initiating a grey divorce in Australia, certain eligibility criteria must be met:


1. Ties to Australia

At least one party must be born in Australia, be an Australian citizen, or have lived in Australia for the last 12 months with the intent to continue living in Australia.


2. Broken Down Irretrievably

The marriage must have irretrievably broken down.


3. Timeframe

The couple must be separated for at least 12 months and 1 day before filing for divorce.

If the spouses lived in the same house during the separation period, the Family Court will require additional evidence.


4. Marriage Certificate

A copy of the marriage certificate must be filed, obtainable from Births, Deaths, and Marriages, or translated if not in English.

After filing, a hearing date will be set, and the divorce order becomes final 1 month and 1 day after issuance.

Remarriage is not permitted until the divorce is final.


The Legal Process


Grey divorces present unique challenges that require a specialised approach.

Engaging the services of a family lawyer with expertise in handling cases involving older couples is crucial.

An experienced family lawyer can offer personalised advice, provide guidance through intricate financial arrangements, and ensure the advice given is tailored and accommodates the specific needs of the individuals involved.


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Grey divorce in Australia is a growing trend that requires careful consideration of financial, emotional, and legal aspects.

As individuals embark on this new chapter of their lives, seeking the guidance of a knowledgeable family lawyer is essential to address the complexities of the legal system and secure a fair and equitable resolution.

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