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Involved in a Family Law Dispute? How to Save Money (Part 2)


Be Smart With Your Smart Phone


Who hasn’t sent a text after a couple of drinks and then regretted it?  If you are sending texts or emails to your friends and family whilst drunk, apart from getting a laugh or an upset person on the other end, it usually doesn’t cost you any money.

If you want to text or email your solicitor about your ex after a few bottles of wine, by all means do so, however you will in all but the most exceptional circumstances incur fees for your solicitor’s time to read and consider your message.

Every email and text message needs to be opened, read and considered by your solicitor regardless of whether a response is required.  Every email and text message that is opened and considered by your solicitor will cost you money and you are likely to be charged 1 unit or 6 minutes for each one.  It is better to consolidate all of your questions and concerns into one email as it will much more cost effective to open, consider and respond to one email.

The best option if you are looking for value for money is to pick up the phone and speak to your solicitor or arrange an appointment.  A lot more can be said in a shorter amount of time than can be written.

Verbal communication means that you are more likely to talk about the right issues and your solicitor can help you stay on track by discussing the important legal issues rather than potentially irrelevant issues.


“Paperwork Can Be Annoying! Why Do We Need so Much?”


Under the Family Law Rules parties are required to make ‘full and frank’ disclosure of their financial circumstances.  The purpose of providing this disclosure is so that you can identify and quantify the value of the asset pool available for distribution between you.

If your solicitor has to chase you to provide the documents or even worse if the Court has to subpoena you to provide the documents, you can be assured that the costs of your matter will escalate very quickly.

Be prepared by having all documents relating to your financial circumstances available to hand to your solicitor when you are asked to do so. 


Why Not Take the Advice?


“My back door neighbour, he’s an engineer and he said that when his cousin’s best mate who separated from his wife …………….. “

If only I had a dollar for every time I heard something like this.  I wouldn’t be writing this blog, that’s for sure.  I’d probably be on a first class round the world trip and planning my next holiday.

A Court making orders about property settlement, children’s matters or any other matter will make its decision based on the facts before it.  Each set of circumstances is different for parties who separate.

What happened to the cousin’s best mate or your friend or to you will be different.  There may or may not be children involved.  The asset pool may be very small or very large.  There may or may not be businesses and/or companies involved.  They may be old.  They may be young.

What happened to your friend or your cousin’s best mate is not necessarily what will occur in your Family Law matter.

Your solicitor is experienced in Family Law and will be able to guide you through the process and give you lots of practical advice along the way.

You are paying for expert advice, why not take it?

Listen to the advice of your lawyer and follow it.  It will save you money.  Money that you can use for your own holiday

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