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10,000 Companies Facing Post-Pandemic Insolvency - Bambrick Legal

Australia will be overwhelmed with insolvencies by the end of 2022 due to a pandemic hangover. Thousands of COVID zombie companies, alongside many others with extreme

Much has been written about the supply and demand-side shocks that COVID-19 may cause and many businesses are closely looking at their force majeure provisions in their unfulfilled

Part X (Part 10) of the Bankruptcy Act allows a debtor to enter into an arrangement with their creditors to satisfy their debts without being made a bankrupt. This type of proposed

During the course of bankruptcy, a bankrupt may be in a position to make a proposal to creditors to satisfy his or her debts and consequently end bankruptcy. Section 73 of the

So, you’ve become bankrupt, either by your own volition or that of a creditor and now your assets are in the hands of the Trustee in Bankruptcy (‘the Trustee’). But what does this mean for

The loss of a bankrupt’s family home is usually felt more intensely than the loss of any other asset. Understandably, bankrupts know that the loss of the home will disrupt the family unit, not