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Debt Recovery in Australia: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Your Money Back

Many individuals and businesses often find themselves in challenging situations where they have provided goods, services, or loaned money, only to face the frustration of

Family Dispute Resolution - Bambrick Legal Family Lawyers

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is also known as Family Law Mediation, Divorce Mediation, or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Unless there is a risk of abuse or harm to either

Pre-action discovery is when a person seeks discovery or production of evidentiary material or information to decide whether or against whom to bring a claim. The Court may make an

What is an Insurance Dispute?

An indemnity insurance dispute is a dispute between an Insurer and an insured about whether the policy should respond to (or payout) a claim that has 

Australian Employee Dismissed for COVID-19 Vaccine Protest - Bambrick Legal Employment Lawyers

The Fair Work Tribunal has supported an employer’s decision to immediately terminate an employee after he attended an anti-vaccine rally in Melbourne last year. Although the Fair Work

What Are Oppression Proceedings & Members Derivative Proceedings? - Bambrick Legal Dispute Lawyers

If you are a shareholder in a company and you have been unfairly treated, discriminated or prejudiced against by actions of the Directors of the company, the Oppressive Conduct

Mediation in the Magistrates Court

The South Australian Magistrates’ Court has operated a mediation service that has been available to parties in civil matters for a number of years. Free mediation has been available in