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Distribution of an Estate to Beneficiaries in South Australia: Key Steps

When a person passes away in South Australia, the distribution of their estate to the beneficiaries is a process governed by specific state laws. If the deceased has left a Will,

How to Set Up a Family Trust in Australia

When it comes to estate planning and wealth management, family trusts have gained substantial popularity as an influential strategy for preserving assets, minimising tax, and

Contesting a Will in South Australia

If you were a dependent of someone who has passed away and you do not receive an adequate share of their estate, you may be able to make an application to contest the Will

What is a Discretionary Trust?

A Discretionary Trust is a legal arrangement where the trustee holds and manages assets on behalf of a group of beneficiaries. Unlike other trust structures, a Discretionary Trust provides

When & Why Update Your Will & Estate Planning

Estate planning is a crucial process that ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes, even when you’re no longer around. Yet, as your life evolves, so should

Tax Rates for Deceased Estates

Fortunately, there are no inheritance taxes in Australia, however that does not mean that there are no tax implications if a deceased estate continues to earn an income after

Understanding the Implications of Dying Intestate

The term ‘dying intestate’ refers to the unfortunate situation where an individual passes away without having a valid Will in place. When a person dies without a Will, their estate is

What if You Want to Leave Someone Out of Your Will?

Leaving assets to someone in your Will is simple, but what if you don’t want someone getting a share of your estate? Under the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act, there

A testamentary trust is a trust which arises upon the passing of the testator and is created by his or her Will. There are many reasons why you may opt for a Will creating a testamentary trust over