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Non-Charitable NFPs: New Income Tax Reporting Requirements

Significant regulatory changes are now in effect for non-charitable not-for-profits (NFPs) in Australia, requiring those with an active ABN to lodge an annual self-review return to maintain

Tax Avoidance vs Tax Evasion in Australia: Key Differences & Consequences

Tax avoidance (sometimes referred to as tax minimisation) and tax evasion are two very different things in the world of tax and these terms are often confused.

Tax Rates for Deceased Estates

Fortunately, there are no inheritance taxes in Australia, however that does not mean that there are no tax implications if a deceased estate continues to earn an income after

Can I Be Liable for My Partner’s Tax Debts? Bambrick Legal Tax Lawyers

A common question that the Family Court faces when dealing with property settlement is who is responsible for the debt of the relationship. In all but the most exceptional of circumstances,

What is a Director Penalty Notice?

A Director Penalty Notice (DPN) represents a formal notification directed at a company director, issued by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). As a result of a DPN, a director may

Bambrick Legal Tax Law ATO Audit

The word ‘audit’ can send chills down the spine of small and medium-sized business (‘SMBs’) owners. But why do ATO audits happen? Is there anything you can do to avoid them?

Residency for Tax Purposes? Not as Simple as It Sounds

Most people are aware that Australian residents must pay tax. However, many do not know the extent to which non-Australian citizens who reside in Australia – or Australian citizens

Bambrick Legal Adelaide Tax Lawyers

So, you’ve received a letter from the Australian Taxation Office. The letter will usually be a request for you to provide the Tax Office with information, a request to furnish a document

One of the more severe methods applied by the Australian Tax Office, a Garnishee Order, is a tool that allows the ATO to seize money directly from a person or business that holds money on