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Tax Office Prosecution

Adrian Bambrick Tax Prosecution Lawyer

So the Tax Office has prosecuted you and you’ve now lodged all outstanding returns. After you have lodged all of your outstanding returns, one of two things will happen. 

The Gig Economy: Are Your Tax Obligations up to Date?

gig economy tax

As technology becomes more sophisticated and more tech start-ups get off the ground, the gig economy is carving out a niche in the Australian financial sphere that is difficult to ignore.

Directors Penalty Notices: Unforeseen Personal Liability

Tax laws are constantly evolving, and a recent change to the rules regarding Director’s Penalty Notices (‘DPNs’) has the potential to trip up past, current, and future company directors who

Could Your Business Could Be Affected by the New Multinational Tax Laws?

Large multinational companies are now firmly in the sights of the ATO and the Australian Government, who are renewing their efforts to crack down on underpayment of tax or tax

ATO Audits: Can They Be Avoided?

Bambrick Legal Tax Law ATO Audit

The word ‘audit’ can send chills down the spine of small and medium-sized business (‘SMBs’) owners. But why do ATO audits happen? Is there anything you can do to avoid them?

ATO Final Notice to Lodge

Bambrick Legal Adelaide Tax Lawyers

So, you’ve received a letter from the Australian Taxation Office. The letter will usually be a request for you to provide the Tax Office with information, a request to furnish a document, 

Resumption of Tax Compliance Activities by the ATO

The Australian Taxation Office (‘ATO’) has recently announced that from March 2021 it will on a case-by-case basis, resume debt recovery activities and lodgement compliance activities.

Can I Be Liable for My Partner’s Tax Debts? Part 1

Quite often in Family Law property settlement, clients ask the question, ‘what forms the net asset pool?’ Generally, the simple answer is all of the parties’ assets minus their liabilities. But

Taxed for a Hobby or Running a Business: Where Do You Cross the Line?

Someone once said you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Although they probably weren’t talking about taxation, the adage holds true for activities that have the potential to bring in

Residency for Tax Purposes

Many people who do not reside solely in Australia – for example, those with families overseas, those who have to travel overseas frequently for work, or foreign students enrolled

Federal Budget Tax Update

On 11 May 2021, the Australian Government released its Federal Budget for the 2021/2022 year, and here are some of the key taxation policies that may affect you.

Could You Be In Trouble for Jobkeeper Rort?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently revealed that it is still owed millions of dollars from companies that have attempted to rort the JobKeeper wage subsidy, which expired

Garnishee Notices: Is the ATO Really Out to Get Small Businesses?

One of the more severe methods applied by the Australian Tax Office, a Garnishee Notice, is a tool that allows the ATO to seize money directly from a person or business that holds money on

Undeclared Cash-in-Hand Payments No Longer Eligible for Tax Deduction

As an element of the recently-created ‘Black Economy’ task force, new laws now make it illegal for cash payments to be claimed as a deduction where they have not been declared

Tackle Tax Problems Early

Some taxpayers have turned to ‘alternative’ legal arguments to contest amounts owing to the Australian Tax Office with varying degrees of success.