Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (Subclass 870)


The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (Subclass 870) allows a parent of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to visit Australia for a period of 3 to 5 years.

With the Subclass 870, you can apply for additional visas to visit Australia for a longer duration of time, with a maximum of 10 years permitted.

To apply for the Subclass 870 visa, you must have an approved Parent Sponsor, and the application generally must be lodged within 6 months of the sponsorship approval.


Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 870 Visa


To be eligible for the Subclass 870, you must:

  • Have a sponsor,
  • Be the biological/legal parent, step-parent or parent-in-law of the Parent Sponsor (this includes an adoptive parent),
  • Be at least 18 years of age,
  • Meet the health requirements,
  • Meet the character requirements,
  • Have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily,
  • Have health insurance, and
  • Have no debt to the Australian Government.


Subclass 870 Overview & Limitations


The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa allows parents to reunite with their Australian-based children, while also visiting Australia for an extended period.

As a result, the Subclass 870 does not lead to permanent residency (you cannot apply for a permanent parent visa), and you are not permitted to work in Australia. You also cannot include family members in your visa application.

Moreover, you must be outside Australia for at least 90 days before another Temporary Sponsored Parent visa can be granted (unless you have special permission to reapply in Australia).


Benefits of the Subclass 870 Visa


The Subclass 870 visa offers unique advantages for parents seeking an extended stay with their Australian-based children


Extended Stay Duration

Enjoy the flexibility of staying in Australia for up to 5 years at a time, with a maximum of 10 years permitted.

This extended duration fosters deeper connections and quality time with family.


Family Reunification

Facilitate family reunification by bringing parents closer to their Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen children.

Strengthen family bonds through longer and more meaningful visits with the Subclass 870 visa.


Duration & Conditions of Stay


You may only stay in Australia for 3 to 5 years at a time, with a maximum of 10 years permitted.

The period of stay granted will be outlined on the visa grant letter.

Length of stay is granted on a case-by-case basis and is up to the discretion of the Department of Home Affairs (Department).

The Department also has the right to cancel your sponsorship and/or your stay early.

Your stay may also be cut short if your sponsorship is withdrawn and you are unable to find a new sponsor.


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The Subclass 870 visa serves as a valuable pathway for parents seeking to reunite with their Australian-based children while enjoying an extended stay.

As you embark on this venture, remember that the Subclass 870 visa not only offers an opportunity for prolonged family togetherness but also comes with certain responsibilities.

For personalised guidance and support, reach out to our team of migration experts and start your Subclass 870 visa application today.

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