Visa Health Requirements


Visa applicants must satisfy certain health requirements before the Australian government will grant them a visa.

Australia has a duty to protect its citizens from the introduction of dangerous or infectious diseases.

When applying for a visa, you are expected to truthfully answer questions about your health and provide details of diseases or health conditions that you or any members of your family have.

If you are visiting Australia temporarily for a short period, you may not be required to undertake a health examination.

If you are intending to study or work in Australia, you may be required to undertake medical tests such as:

If you have applied for a permanent visa or a visa that leads to permanent residency, you may also be required to complete a health examination.


Family Member Health Issues


If you or a family member have declared (or are found to have) certain infectious diseases that are considered to be dangerous to the Australian community, such as active tuberculosis, you may not be able to enter Australia.

For other diseases, the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth must provide an opinion as to whether the disease or condition will result in significant demand on the Australian healthcare system.


Applying for a Health Examination


You can apply for your health examination before you apply for a visa through My Health Declarations via the Migration Department portal.

My Health Declarations is a free service; however, you must pay for your health examination.

If you have already lodged your visa before your health examination, you must wait until your case officer requests you to have an examination and provides you with your unique health assessment identifier (HAP ID).

A health examination is valid for 12 months.


What Happens if You Fail the Examination?


If you or a member of your family unit fails the health examination, your visa will be refused.

If you pass the health examination but a member of your family unit does not, you or any person in your family unit will not be able to obtain a visa unless the particular visa allows for a ‘health waiver’.


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