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Estate Planning is a critical aspect of securing your assets and ensuring your wishes are honoured when you’re no longer here.

At Bambrick Legal, our experienced team of Wills and Estate Planning lawyers are dedicated to helping you define your legacy, providing you with peace of mind about your assets’ future.


Our Estate Planning Services Include


When you partner with our Estate Planning team, you gain access to a range of essential services, including:


Crafting a legally sound Will is the cornerstone of any comprehensive estate plan.

Our experts will guide you through the process to ensure your wishes are documented.

Probate & Deceased Estates

The process of probate involves a Court establishing the validity and final intent of a Will.

Our team assists in managing the complexities of probate and administering deceased estates, ensuring a smooth and efficient process during challenging times.

Read more about Probate & Deceased Estates here.

Powers of Attorney & Enduring Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows someone else to make financial decisions if you are unable to.

We offer guidance with Powers of Attorney, ensuring that your interests are protected when you’re unable to make decisions yourself.

Read more about Powers of Attorney here.

Advance Care Directives

An Advance Care Directive allows someone else to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to.

An Advanced Care Directive can give that person instructions about where you live, the care you want (or don’t want), and end-of-life (dying) wishes.

Our experts can help you create an Advance Care Directive, ensuring that your preferences are respected.

Read more about Advance Care Directives here.

Testamentary Trusts

Testamentary Trusts are created by a testator’s Will after their death.

We provide assistance in establishing Testamentary Trusts to protect and distribute your assets according to your wishes.

Read more about Testamentary Trusts here.

When to Update Your Will & Estate Planning


Regularly reviewing and updating your Estate Planning documents is essential, especially when significant life events occur.

Consider making changes in the following circumstances:


Marriage or Separation

If you marry or separate, your Estate Planning may need adjustments to reflect your new circumstances.


Birth or Death

The addition or loss of a family member often necessitates changes in your Estate Planning documents.


Property Transactions

When you buy or sell significant assets, your estate plan should align with your current holdings.


Why Having a Will Is Crucial


Not having a Will can lead to various complications and uncertainties for your loved ones. A Will provides:

  • Control over how your assets are handled after your passing.
  • Efficient estate administration, reducing expenses for your family.
  • The opportunity to choose your estate executor.
  • The ability to specify who inherits your assets.


Why Choose Bambrick Legal for Estate Planning


Our Wills and Estate Planning team stands out for several reasons:


Extensive Expertise

With over a decade of industry experience, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of Estate Planning effectively.


Multilingual Support

We offer support in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, and Italian, ensuring clear communication in your preferred language.


Transparent Pricing

Our competitive and cost-effective pricing ensures you have cost certainty for your Estate Planning needs.


Client-Centric Approach

We genuinely care about you and your family, providing personalised, robust, and creative strategies to achieve your objectives.


Understanding the Costs


Fees at Bambrick Legal are competitive and cost-effective. Most of our estate planning fees are flat fees, not charged every six minutes!

You will get a complete schedule of costs only after we have completely understood your needs.

This is the only way that you will receive a service that is a perfect match for you.


Explore Your Estate Planning Options Further


To explore further details about our Estate Planning and Wills services, we invite you to book a free consultation.


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I would really like to thank you, it has been a godsend.– John

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