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Family Court Merger – September 2021

Bambrick Legal Family Court Lawyers

Starting from 1 September 2021, the two courts will be merged into the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCFC). The amalgamated court will have two divisions

How to Protect the Bank of Mum & Dad

So you are one of those lucky people who have received assistance from your parents to purchase your home, whether that be all or only a portion of the funds for the purchase.

Who Gets to Stay in the House Once the Relationship Is Over?

How should you determine who gets to stay in the house? There are several factors that can be considered if an agreement can’t be reached: The wishes of the children

Intervention Orders

An Intervention Order (formerly known as a Restraining Order) is a Court order which helps protect you and your family if you are a victim(s) of abuse. A properly worded Intervention Order

Family Court Hearings: Directions, Interim Hearings & Arguments

When you start Family Law proceedings, you may be required to attend at the court many times before your matter is set down for trial. You may be required to attend for directions

Why Should I Use a Family Lawyer When Separating?

An experienced lawyer is able to give you advice about your specific situation and your entitlements in relation to parenting arrangements for the care of your children, how

Property Division With Smaller Property Pools (PPP500 regime)

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia has recently introduced in family law disputes the Priority Property Pool Regime which deals with matters valued at under $500,000. The PPP500

Is Separation/Divorce Just a 50/50 Split?

Many Australians assume, after divorce or separation upon break down of a long relationship, the assets of the marriage (or separation) are simply split down the middle

Separated & Living Together

Being separated from a former partner but still living within the same household is not uncommon, especially in times of economic hardship, or in situations where one party to the

Avenues for Victims of Institutionalised Child Abuse

A number of recent legislative changes and court decisions have greatly expanded the avenues of compensation that are available to victims of institutionalised childhood sexual

What to Do if You Are Recently Separated: Here’s a Checklist

The breakdown of a relationship brings emotional upheaval for everyone involved. Trying to negotiate property settlement and what is going to happen with the kids can be

Intervention Order: Is That It or Can I Change It?

So someone had successfully convinced the Court to make an Intervention Order (‘IVO’) against you. Whilst the IVO is in place, you are bound to comply with the terms and conditions

Binding Financial Agreements: Out of Favour for Property Settlement?

A Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) is the Australian term for the type of agreement frequently known as a ‘pre-nup’ or pre-nuptial agreement. Parties who wish to make plans for

Joint Bank Accounts & Separation

Smooth and simple separations are the exception rather than the norm, for fairly straightforward reasons. When the time comes to separate from a spouse or de facto partner,

Involved in a Family Law Dispute? How to Save Money (Part 2)

Who hasn’t sent a text after a couple of drinks and then regretted it? If you are sending texts or emails to your friends and family whilst drunk, apart from getting a laugh or an upset person on