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What is a Binding Child Support Agreement?

When families go through a separation, ensuring the well-being and financial security of the children involved is paramount, and one tool available to parents in Australia is the Binding

Are Step-Parents Responsible for Child Support?

A person who starts a de facto relationship with a person who already has children does not ordinarily have a legal obligation to support those children, except in special circumstances

Grey Divorce in Australia: Addressing Challenges & Opportunities

This term refers to the separation of couples in the later stages of life, typically occurring after the age of 50. One of the primary concerns in grey divorces revolves around financial

Can Consent Orders be Overturned?

If you and your former spouse or partner have obtained orders by consent about property settlement or division, and either of your circumstances have changed, or you

Overview of Recent Changes in Family Law & Implications for Child Safety

In a significant legislative shift, the Australian federal parliament has passed amendments to the Family Law Act that will transform the handling of children’s cases. 

Can You Force a Property Settlement?

Quite often, especially in long-term relationships, there is a tendency for a financial ‘web’ to exist between you and your former partner – whether it’s a jointly-owned home

My Ex Won’t Sign the Divorce Papers Australia

It seems to be a common cliché played out in American media: the ex won’t sign the divorce papers as a way to drag out the process because a divorce cannot occur unless

Can I Be Liable for My Partner’s Tax Debts? Bambrick Legal Tax Lawyers

A common question that the Family Court faces when dealing with property settlement is who is responsible for the debt of the relationship. In all but the most exceptional of circumstances,

Out-of-Time Property Settlements

Property settlement plays a pivotal role in the dissolution of relationships. Circumstances may arise where property settlements occur outside of the prescribed timeframe.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Australia?

The timeline begins when you first submit your divorce application to the Court and extends until a Divorce Order is made and comes into force. However, complications can arise

What is my Husband/Wife entitled to in a Divorce?

Property settlement is the process by which the husband and wife’s assets, liabilities, and financial resources are divided or distributed following a separation or divorce.

De Facto Break Up Entitlements

Just like married couples, if you are in a de facto relationship and subsequently break up, you are entitled to make a claim for property settlement and spousal maintenance from your former