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Your children’s well-being now and into the future is the most important thing to consider when you negotiate separation from your partner.

Sometimes parents are so engrossed in negotiating complex financial issues and working through their emotions, that the best interests of the children can be overlooked.

At Bambrick Legal, we prioritise your children’s well-being in matters of child custody, commonly referred to as parenting arrangements.

When it comes to negotiating separation from your partner, our parenting and child custody lawyers are here to offer valuable advice and representation, ensuring the best interests of your children are at the forefront.

You may have agreed with your former partner as to how your children will be raised, however, it is quite common for couples who have separated to become unreasonable, possessive, vindictive and even anxious when it comes to the children – even if the couple had agreed to be child-focused during their negotiations.


Parental Responsibilities & Parenting Arrangements


We address various parental responsibilities and parenting arrangements, emphasising the importance of considering your children’s needs during negotiations.

Unfortunately, parents may sometimes behave unreasonably, affecting their children’s well-being.

Our team is ready to offer guidance and represent your children’s needs in such cases.


1. Promoting Positive Co-Parenting

We encourage positive co-parenting and address behaviours that are not acceptable, such as refusal to allow visitation, neglect of children’s needs, and negative communication.


2. Shared Parental Responsibility

In the absence of court orders, both parents share decision-making responsibility for day-to-day and long-term care.

We guide you through understanding shared parental responsibility and its implications.


Parenting Plans


Parents are at liberty to enter into binding agreements or ask the court to make orders which provide a structure for care arrangements and short- and long-term decisions – Parenting Orders (formerly known as ‘custody’, ‘access’, ‘residence’ or ‘contact’ Orders).

Parenting plans can include details about where the children will live, time spent with each parent, schooling, activities and anything else that is important to you and your family.

They can also deal with child support, although child support has its own requirements under Australian taxation laws.

While a parenting agreement shows that you and the other parent have agreed, it is not legally enforceable.

If either of you doesn’t comply with the terms of the agreement, then your options are limited for enforcement.

When parents cannot agree on parenting arrangements, it is not uncommon for tension and stress to build up between the parents which take an enormous toll on the entire family, both parents and children.

If you cannot agree on parenting arrangements, then sometimes the only option for families is to apply for parenting orders.


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