DIY Visa Applications: What Could Go Wrong?


We have all witnessed our fair share of DIY disasters and dealt with the consequences.

Unlike a failed DIY house project which costs time and money, the consequences of a failed DIY visa application can be severe and life-changing.

You may get to start over and reapply for the visa in some cases, but in most cases, you don’t get to re-apply, may face up to a 3-year re-entry ban, or even worse, a failed visa application could cost you your opportunity to make Australia your home with your loved ones.


The Pitfalls of Solely Relying on Official Resources


It’s risky to depend only on the Department of Home Affairs’ website for information.

While useful, these resources are not sufficient for the layperson to accurately select and prepare a DIY visa application.

Migration professionals, such as lawyers and agents, are versed in the intricacies of migration laws, regulations, policies, and precedents.

They interpret these daily to determine the most suitable visa pathways for their clients and to assist in crafting robust applications.


The Complex Role of Migration Professionals


The role of migration professionals extends beyond mere paperwork.

Crafting the responses in DIY visa applications and selecting the appropriate supporting documents is nearly an art form.

It’s critical not only to provide accurate responses but to ensure they are consistent with all previously submitted information to the Department, including those seemingly trivial details from orange immigration cards or touch-screen entries at the airport, which are all stored and accessible from the National Archives of Australia.


The Danger of Relying on Past Success


Each visa application is unique, influenced by its specific class and subclass rules, which are subject to frequent changes due to political shifts, evolving legal contexts, and unprecedented situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professionals verify the latest criteria and regulations every time they prepare a new application to ensure compliance and eligibility.


Every Visa Application is Different


No two individuals are identical, nor are their circumstances.

The smallest variations in background, employment history, or entry into Australia can influence visa eligibility and outcomes.

Even if your circumstances seem similar to those of a friend, it does not guarantee identical outcomes, particularly for visas with limited positions available, such as regional employer-sponsored visas.


The Costly Gamble of DIY Visa Applications


Undertaking a visa application on your own is a considerable risk, particularly without thorough knowledge of migration law and procedures.

Opting to live in Australia should be a decision grounded in well-informed, meticulously prepared applications, rather than a risky gamble.

Properly prepared visa applications not only prevent heartache and financial loss but also significantly enhance your chances of securing a stable and permanent future in Australia with your loved ones.


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